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Welcome To Bottles Of Sunnah 

Our Mission

We want you to experience the pleasure and comfort that comes with the products offered by Bottles of Sunnah Nyc Inc.

We are a unique place for high quality traditional Sunnah products. These Include Atthar (Non-alcoholic fragrances), Blackseed (Nigella Sativa), Pure Honey (Natural remedy for mankind), Zum Zum water (Blessed water from the well of Zum Zum in Makkah), and Ajwa Dates (A special Dates fruits from the gardens in Madinah).

We also use an array of our products to create customized

Gift Baskets for any special occasions.

If you are interested in traditional Sunnah products, then look no further. We have everything you need.


Medjool Dates

Sold Out

Californian Organic Medjool Dates

(4 lbs)

Abuayyash Dates

Sold Out

Abu Ayyash Farms Medjool Dates

(4.4 lbs) Premium Large

Sold Out

Abuayyash Farms Medjool Dates

(2.2 lbs) Premium Large

Abuayyash Dates, Medjool

Sold Out

Abu Ayyash Farms Medjool Dates

(10 lbs) Premium Jumbo

Wholesale Inquiry

Please Contact : 


Note: In addition to our competitive prices, we offer wholesale pricing based on limited products and quantity purchase.

Great products, great prices! Very impressed.

Poorly Made ~Google review

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